Subject Re: Face Firebird 1.5.3 performance problem with Intel Core 2 + Windows 2003
Author flipmooooo
> Win2003 may perform IO very badly and require tuning.
> Unfortunatelly, I can't remember details.


I really would be interested what tuning is required because we
suffer the same problem (low performance).

We tried everything to no avail, we use FB 1.5.3, i even installed
the classic version which suffers the same poor performance aswell.
- All DBs have FDB extension
- ShadowCopies disabled
- CPU affinity

As a test I create a DB from a script on 2 machines and a Win2000 900
Mhz outperforms a Win2003 2.4 Ghz. When I compare the CPU usage on
both machines during the create the Win 2003 machine always gets
stuck on 1-2% while the Win2000 machine uses 20-25%.

Filip Moons