Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Linux FC5 as FirebirdSS 1.5.3 server (client problems):
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:28 PM 17/08/2006, you wrote:

> > When you attempt the remote connection, are you supplying username
> > and password, as is required?
> >
> > ./heLen
>Yes. With the sysdba/password combo entered into FlameRobin, it will
>allow me to quiery the server for server version and user management:
>I'm able to create/delete user accounts, but not access that

You need username and password to access a user database
remotely. The stuff you're talking about above is server-level user

>There are no firewall instances running on either client
>or server. The Linux server is running xinetd instead of inetd
>though... could THAT have any relevance?

Nope - xinetd is the grown-up version of inetd. You won't have
both. But in any case, it's irrelevant, since xinetd/inetd aren't
involved with Firebird SS at all.

>I'm befuddled, so grabbing at straws here! ;)

Which FirebirdSS kit did you actually install - the NPTL kit? You'd
need that on FC5.

>And thank you for the replies. I've now cleared time to devote to
>sussin' just what is happening with this.

That's a comfort.