Subject Re: Linux FC5 as FirebirdSS 1.5.3 server (client problems):
Author DrEntropy
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 06:33 AM 17/08/2006, you wrote:
> >FlameRobin REFUSES to connect to the
> > > "examples/employee.fdb" from the client.
> >
> >The connection string (in FlameRobin) is:
> >host-name:/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb
> >
> >and as a second attempt:
> >host-name:employee.fdb
> >
> >set up with the aliases.conf file.
> Let's suppose for now that the gds exception which, if correct,
> relates to a bad SQL request of some kind, is a red herring.

> When you attempt the remote connection, are you supplying username
> and password, as is required?
> ./heLen

Yes. With the sysdba/password combo entered into FlameRobin, it will
allow me to quiery the server for server version and user management:
I'm able to create/delete user accounts, but not access that
employee.fdb. There are no firewall instances running on either client
or server. The Linux server is running xinetd instead of inetd
though... could THAT have any relevance? I'm befuddled, so grabbing at
straws here! ;)

And thank you for the replies. I've now cleared time to devote to
sussin' just what is happening with this.