Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Linux FC5 as FirebirdSS 1.5.3 server (client problems):
Author Milan Babuskov
DrEntropy wrote:
>>>The connection string (in FlameRobin) is:
>>Let's suppose for now that the gds exception which, if correct,
>>relates to a bad SQL request of some kind, is a red herring.
> Gladly.

Could you try with FlameRobin on the Linux machine? Or at least with
isql. That would take care of server/client version mismatch.

Also, check the privileges on the database file and
/opt/firebird/examples directory. I don't know if you installed via
.rpm, .tar.gz or compiled the code, but some installation scripts do set
too restrictive rights for those.

Milan Babuskov