Subject Re: [firebird-support] Repeatable crash with FB 2.0 RC3 and RC4
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:39 AM 16/08/2006, you wrote:
>Sorry if posting this here is unappropriate, but for some reason I
>am unable to post to firebird-devel. I hope this catches someone's eye anyway.

You must subscribe to firebird-devel in order to post there. Go to to subscribe. Then
(like all lists) you must post your messages using the email address
that is subscribed.

If you attempt to subscribe and still cannot post to the list, it's
possibly a spamcop issue. However, there is nothing to prevent you
from posting your issue to the tracker with a good, reproducible example.

A crash situation in a beta is NOT an issue for the support
list. This is clearly explained at the beginning of the release notes.

>I am consistently getting a crash when calling the Services API on
>Windows Server 2003. The problem does not appear on other platforms.
>There is a clear reason for the crash in the code of Firebird (RC4:
>alice.cpp, line 619). But of course, it is always possible that I am
>doing something wrong.
>Anyway, in alice.cpp, program execution proceeds as follows:
>1. common_main is called and AliceGlobals gblInstance is created.
>tdgbl is a pointer to it. tdgbl->sw_redirect is REDIRECT and
>tdgbl->output_file is 0xFFFFFFFF (perhaps uninitialized).
>2. Execution proceeds normally and reaches line 617 (normal
>execution, no errors). Still, tdgbl->sw_redirect is REDIRECT and
>tdgbl->output_file is 0xFFFFFFFF. Because of this, the condition
>"tdgbl->sw_redirect == REDIRECT && tdgbl->output_file != NULL" is
>true so execution proceeds to line 619.
>3. Line 619 crashes because calling fclose( 0xFFFFFFFF ) causes an
>access violation.
>Is this a bug in FB or am I calling the Services API in a wrong way?

You tell me. When you present your reproducible case, show HOW you
are calling the Services API.

>If this is a bug, has this been reported already to the Tracker (I
>didn't find anything related).

Considering the trace description, make sure your report includes
precise detail about the connection path you are using to reproduce
this problem.

^ heLen