Subject RE: [firebird-support] Repeatable crash with FB 2.0 RC3 and RC4
Author Alan McDonald
> Sorry if posting this here is unappropriate, but for some reason
> I am unable to post to firebird-devel. I hope this catches
> someone's eye anyway.
> I am consistently getting a crash when calling the Services API
> on Windows Server 2003. The problem does not appear on other
> platforms. There is a clear reason for the crash in the code of
> Firebird (RC4: alice.cpp, line 619). But of course, it is always
> possible that I am doing something wrong.
> Anyway, in alice.cpp, program execution proceeds as follows:
> 1. common_main is called and AliceGlobals gblInstance is created.
> tdgbl is a pointer to it. tdgbl->sw_redirect is REDIRECT and
> tdgbl->output_file is 0xFFFFFFFF (perhaps uninitialized).
> 2. Execution proceeds normally and reaches line 617 (normal
> execution, no errors). Still, tdgbl->sw_redirect is REDIRECT and
> tdgbl->output_file is 0xFFFFFFFF. Because of this, the condition
> "tdgbl->sw_redirect == REDIRECT && tdgbl->output_file != NULL" is
> true so execution proceeds to line 619.
> 3. Line 619 crashes because calling fclose( 0xFFFFFFFF ) causes
> an access violation.
> Is this a bug in FB or am I calling the Services API in a wrong way?
> If this is a bug, has this been reported already to the Tracker
> (I didn't find anything related).
> Best regards,
> Antti Nivala

I've been using the services manager a lot (testing) and haven't made it
crash yet. You talk a lot about the source but say nothing about what how
you are calling the manager...