Subject Re: GBAK Restore hangs Firebird 1.5 before finishing and going home
Author Adam
--- In, "davidrevill69" <datarun@...>
> I have tried it several ways using a batch file, either manually called
> or as a scheduled task. The batch file contains
> C:\Program Files\Firebird\firebird_1_5\bin\gbak.exe -r -v -y
> d:\datarun\logs\restoresched.log d:\datarun\data\backups\spbm4.bak
> I have tried it without the verbose output and without redirecting the
> output with the Y switch.
> You will notice that I am still using the .gdb extension even though it
> is now a Firebird database (about 2GB).

Change that. It might solve your problem.

> The directory d:\datarun and subdirectories is excluded from the virus
> scanner, as is the Firebird root.
> I am sure the problem is something to do with the Win2003 server
> configuration, but I cannot spot any different between the server which
> works and the one which doesn't

Volume Shadow Copy?

Possibly also disable the virus scanner during the restore. It may be
filtering and analysing TCP/IP packets destined to the firebird database.