Subject problem with left outer join
Author Gary T. Benner
Hi all,

I'd like some input on an issue with using left outer join's which I use to retrieve data from tables where there may or may not be a record in the joined tables.

This is our query:

select *
from winetaste wt, wine w
left outer join person p on p.personid = wt.tasterid
left outer join region r on r.regionid = w.regionid
left outer join country c on c.countryid = r.countryid
left outer join winery y on y.wineryid = w.wineryid
where wt.wineid = w.vintageid
and wt.tasteid = 179008

It fails with the error message "no current record for fetch operation".

The data is such that a "wine" record may not include region data, yet I want to return as much data as is available from the other tables.

BTW you can tell what we drink here <g>.

kind regards


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