Subject Read only DB Access error
Author thefourie2000
Hello all...

I've got my 2.0RC3 server in classic mode accessing a DB that I've
restored with 8K page size and 5120 page buffer. The application I'm
using opens the DB and does a large number of selects against the DB.
I'm not doing any inserts to the database.

While processing record number 32648/32649 the whole process crashes
with the following error:

Project ValidatorApp.exe raised exception class EIBInterBaseError with
message 'internal gds software consistency check (cannot find tip page
(165), file: tra.cpp line: 2443)'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run to

Any thoughts? I thought it might be my threading code so I disaled
all of that. But the problem persists. there any performance advantage between read_only /
read_write database? Since performance is my main priority :) No
point in spending years to fix this if the performance increase is not
noticable :)

Thanks in advance