Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.0 performance issue
Author Leyne, Sean

> Just to add my experience. We tried version 2.0 and decide to stick to
> 1.5.3. Several queries performed worst in version 2.0. Checking the
> query plan we noticed that index used by 1.5.3 where not being used in
> 2.0. If enforce its use than version 2.0 performs a little bit better
> than 1.5.3. But we could not afford to check every query for tuning.
> Also the gain is marginal.

That may be your experience, it is not ours.

Our application has seen tremendous benefits from v2.0; indexing, new
syntax, new abstract tables...

So, like many things, the benefit of v2.0 should be characterized as
"your mileage may vary".