Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reserved words and Procedures
Author Milan Babuskov
Thomas Miller wrote:
> ????? I am hoping not to change my Java or Delphi code base.

But if your Java or Delphi code has an SQL statement like:

select * from DAY('21.02.2002')

which selects from the stored procedure DAY you mentioned, then you MUST
change that to

select * from "DAY" ('21.02.2002')

That's what I was pointing out: if you're going to change it anyway, why
not do it like Svein suggested.

> Milan Babuskov wrote:
>>Since you're going to change the code base anyway (to add quotes), you'd
>>better do what Svein suggested and rename the columns.

P.S. I hate top-posting BTW.

Milan Babuskov