Subject UDFs and Exceptions
Is there a wish list?

It's pretty clear that UDFs can't provoke an SQL error, which is unfortunate
for me, because I have a Regular Expression UDF and it would've been
great if I could've returned an error in this way when the pattern had an
error (as opposed to not matching). I can see that this would be tough to
for the general case, but if you can do by descriptor argument passing, ISTM
that with a little additional work, you could pass a callback address so
that the
UDF could trigger an SQL error to the client.

So then I tried creating a stored procedure as an intermediary, which could
detect the pattern error and raise an exception. Unfortunately, it appears
that SPs can't be used as part of a predicate. Is there a way around this?

Also, when you use by-descriptor argument passing, can you affect the
copy that the client has (like a Pascal var parameter)? I'm thinking not,
it never hurts to ask.

Finally, is there a way to return more than one thing from a UDF (like an

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

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