Subject Re: Access to server local files
Author marc_guillot
Thanks Woody and Adam.

I have done something similar, but it not uses a Shared Folder, I'am
using a separate Firebird database.

This way I do'nt worry about Microsoft Shared Services. Application is
installed in about 100 costumers, and I want to keep as simple as

When I update Server Host, I copy application executable, help file,
report files, etc. ... to blob fields in the new Updates.fdb firebird

So Loader Application, looks if an update is needed, and retrieve this
files from Updates.fdb when necessary.

I knows I'am wasting disk space (Updates.fdb is a 75 Mb. file after
multiple updates, when included files sums only 35 Mb.). But today
hard disks have several GigaBytes, and this way I hope to have minimal