Subject Re: [firebird-support] Two Firebird server same computer? Possible?
Author Uwe Grauer
Uwe Grauer wrote:
> skander_sp wrote:
>> For test and develope reasons, I need to check programs running over
>> FB 1.5.3 and FB 2.0rc3.
>> But installing both servers same time, I only get a lot of troubles.
>> Anyone try this? some page or group where check about this problem?
>> I know I can mount in two separates PCs, but I check at home, and only
>> have one.
>> I try to change IP-Port, but I think it's not so easy , because don't
>> work...
> It works!
> Read the instructions on how to change the port number for one of the FB
> instances.
> I think you have to delete the Registry keys in order to make it work.
> Start at least the instance with the non-standard port number as a
> application.
> Uwe

There is a document about this:

It should work with Fb 2.x also.