Subject Access to server local files
Author marc_guillot

Sorry for my english.

I want to know if there is a UDF that could allow firebird clients to
read local files in Firebird Server Host.

I know that could be a big security problem, but I will use it only in
LANs, with no Firebird Server access from Internet. I want it to
upgrade our application. Clients connect to Firebird Server, and if
they found that they version application is different from database
version, they generate the new application executable from server
(reading it from server trought an UDF).

I know we can get the new files in server, using a Shared Folder, or
integrating an small FTP Server in application. But I have no control
over my costumers systems, they can have Firewalls, no Shared Folders,
etc. ... I want to keep it simple, now I have a reliable channel
between clients and server hosts (Firebird), so I will like to use it
to upgrade clients.

Note: Another solution is to copy the new executable file into a Blob
Field, so clients will have no problem to read it. But I prefer to
access directly to a file in Server FileSystem if possible, it
simplifies my update process.

Thanks in advance.