Subject Re: Can't run FB_LOCK_PRINT
Author ianbillups
Hi Alan,

I appreciate your patience and your help.

> I certainly get the utility to work with superserver. So I don't
> think it's the utility.

I started with that assumption, although since then no-one on this
list has confirmed that it *does* work, and neither have Dimitry and
Nickolay to me. We're reasonably competent programmers and we've been
trying for some weeks to make what should have been a simple step.

> If you are running classic I would wonder if one thread has been
> left orphaned with a write handle on the lock file. I assume you
> have stopped and started the inetd service and cleared any server
> threads?

We killed all threads and restarted the FB service this morning, but
it didn't help. We also tried running the tool while the FB service
wasn't actually running.

> Can you copy the lock file? send it to me and I'll try to run the
> utility on it

That's kind of you. Sending it in a separate message.