Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can't run FB_LOCK_PRINT
Author Alan McDonald
>When we try to run FB_LOCK_PRINT we get this error message:

>Operating system directive CreateFile failed.
>The requested operation cannot be performed on
>a file with a user-mapped section open.

>Any ideas how we can run FB_LOCK_PRINT would be appreciated.

>We are running FB 1.5.3 in Classic mode on Windows 2003 Server.

>Many thanks,


I certainly get the utility to work with superserver. So I don't think it's
the utility.
The error message above refers to CreateFile but remember this is used to
open if exists and create if not, so it's really referring to a file opening
error not a file creation error.
If you are running classic I would wonder if one thread has been lef
orphaned with a write handle on the lock file.
I assume you have stopped and started the inetd service and cleared any
server threads?
Can you copy the lock file? send it to me and I'll try to run the utility on