Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: FB_LOCK_PRINT Doesn't Run on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan,
> > but the messages I have seen on this subject is that it did,
> > in fact, work with the RUNAS command.
> Where are these messages? I searched the archive: I see messages
> suggesting solutions but not one message that says "thanks guys,
> that worked". If I'm searching incorrectly, then I apologise.
> > You said you tried numerous credentials.. why? seems like hit
> > and miss to me.
> Call it hit and miss if you like, but for me it was a systematic
> run-through of all the possibilities I could think of. I mean, I
> tried starting the service under different credentials, starting
> the tool under different credentials... Yes, I checked the
> permissions on the log file. As it turned out, it was all miss
> and no hit :-(
> > it works fine for Dimitry Yemanov and Nickolay Samofatov
> > so I figure it does actually work.
> Thanks!! If these guys really have got it to work on Win2003
> Server, FB 1.5.3 Classic, then I know it's possible. I'll mail
> them and ask them how they did it.
> Ian.

the ibphoenix site has a search on the devel group