Subject how to install FB 1.5 on VIA C3 (i586, NOT i686 !!!)
Author Petr Jakes
Hi all.
We need to install Firebird 1.5.x (1.5.3 available for download at on a Fedora Core 5 machine on VIA C3 (i586, NOT i686 !!!)

We failed using SuperServer i686 binary rpm (error - not i686
machine), so we have used tarball and compat-libstdc33 and...
succeeded. Firebird looks like it is running but we are not able to
run some "complex" tests on it. So we would like to ask here if such a
"installation" is correct (in other words: will the i686 version run
on the i586/i386 VIA C3 hardware without problems ?)

thanks for your comments

Petr Jakes