Subject Recommendations for Database Design and Maint tools and Firebird-compatible Delphi components
I have to convert a Delphi-based application that uses Paradox to a C/S
database; I've chosen Firebird.

To do this, I need to convert the Paradox DB pretty much as-is to get the
code working with the new database. Later, I'll want to redesign the
database to take out some of the more objectionable aspects. I've been
looking at DeZign from Datanamic, which seems to be able to do some nice
stuff with round-tripping between ERDs and the database itself, but while
it's not cheap, it's less than Microsoft's Visio Architect. Is there a
better option (i.e., something less expensive that does the same sort of

I'm also going to need some Delphi components to replace the BDE stuff (yes,
I know you're not supposed to use anything like TTable, but this is a very
small database and I'm very short of time). Does anyone have any
recommendations for a component set that will emulate TTable, but which I
can then use later as well, when I fix all of that sort of thing?

There are around 1000 files that comprise this application, which was
originally written for DOS with Delphi 1. Over the years it's accumulated
many things, e.g., not only does it use TTable, but also TwwTable. I've
looked at IBObjects, which has a GReplace utility that will fix up refs to
TTable to TIBOTable. This is configurable and looks useable, but are there
other choices? (I'd hate to find that there was a better way after starting
down that road).

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

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