Subject Re: trying to avoid large datasets
Author markd_mms
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> That probably depends on perspective, why do you say 120000 records is
> 'large' ;)

yeah not large large as in table in the database large, but large as
in displaying in a dbgrid at one time.

> What a global list is a compulsory feature? Or do they mean that 'the
> ability to see if it's already been entered' is the compulsory feature?

they say what they need is the list of everything but what they really
mean is that they need as easy way of find duplicate (but incorrectly
inputted) items. so it's easy in the current program to bring up the
whole list and do a locate on what they type in, which in the first
case might be 'a river somewhere' and then they'd check 'river
somewhere, a' and all this happens in about 2 seconds.

> Anything involving a grid of more than a few hundred rows is almost
> without exception useless in the real world.
> A far more efficient way would be to use a technique such as soundex
> to test for existence. You could store the soundex value for each
> title in an indexed field. During the 'Add' process, you could pop up
> a window to say 'These titles may be similar'.
> There are lots of ways of implementing a soundex, here is one using
> Firebird stored procedures.

sounds like what i need. i'll check it out.

thanks :-)