Subject Re: Firebird Ver 1.5 + Events + Firewall/Router. Questions
Author jarrod_petz
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@...> wrote:
> Setting up firewalling on a Firebird server is fairly easy
> Rule 1: Allow all traffic from your LAN to your server port 3050,
> only
> Rule 2: Allow all traffic out from your server (all ports) to your lan,
> outwards only, with pinholes to get packets back
> Rule 3: Deny all other traffic.
> This means:
> clients can connect in on Rule 1, and get data back on Rule 2.
> Events can be sent via Rule 2
> Unauthorised connections are blocked by Rule 3
> In FreeBSD's "ipfw" rules, this looks like (Assuming the NIC is
device tl0):
> add 1000 allow tcp from any to me 3050 in via tl0
> add 2000 allow ip from me to any out via tl0 setup keep-state
> add 65535 deny ip from any to any

Tht will not work for me as I am using events and they need other
ports besides 3050