Subject Re: Firebird Ver 1.5 + Events + Firewall/Router. Questions
Author jarrod_petz
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> > I just wanted to make some enquires as to how events work in Firebird
> > ver 1.5.
> This should explain a lot:
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Milan thank you very much for the PDF it explains alot although I have
the same questions that I asked Helen for you.
1. Can't Firebird use known NAT traversal techniques to yield a new
connection? Is classic server not already doing this as according to
your PDF when someone connects on 3050 to the database a new server
process is spawned(without using events) for the user connecting does
this not encounter the same problem and if not why(I have not tried
this)? Why can it be done for the initial connection and not for events?
2. Even if Firebird can not yield a connection should it be
locking/stalling/crashing the server forcing me to kill the Firebird
process and restart it?

I was going to ask how you found this document as when I googled for
events and came up empty handed. However I see your the author so that
would be pointless. Is this document or something similar on the
Firebird site that I missed? Also I see its hosted at FlameRobin's
site is there a link to it from their perhaps? I was unable to find it
in either case you should try to get this information linked in more
places as it is excellent.