Subject Re: Firebird Ver 1.5 + Events + Firewall/Router. Questions
Author jarrod_petz
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> The default firebird.conf setting for RemoteAuxPort is 0, which
> enables the random port seeking for the events callback. As a short
> answer, try to set RemoteAuxPort explicitly to a port that you have
> open in your firewall and ALSO that the router's NAT knows
> about. However, note that it *won't* work through an SSH
> tunnel...and I'm still working on getting a "result" trying to make
> it work with other kinds of VPN.

> What I do think would be useful would be to try to condense your
> question into some form that can invite a generic answer, and post it
> to firebird-devel.

Thanks you Helen, this is the information I needed. We can now state
to our customer that they need to setup two port forwarding rules for
NAT or allow incoming connections on two ports if they have a
firewall. Luckily we have deployed SuperServer currently because
according to Milan's PDF it will not work for classic server.

What I am suggesting I hope is a generic answers though my previous
post was very long winded as I was not sure how events were currently
implemented. However my answers may not be correct/work but you never
know if you never ask.
1. Can't Firebird use known NAT traversal techniques to yield a new
connection? Is classic server not already doing this as according to
Milan's PDF when someone connects on 3050 to the database a new server
process is spawned(without using events) for the user connecting does
this not encounter the same problem and if not why(I have not tried
this)? Why can it be done for the initial connection and not for events?
2. Even if Firebird can not yield a connection should it be
locking/stalling/crashing the server forcing me to kill the Firebird
process and restart it?

Regards Jarrod