Subject Re: [firebird-support] Failing to overwrite backup file
Author Lucas Franzen
Raith, Daniel schrieb:
> I use gbak.exe version for all our customers.
> The syntax I use is:
> gbak.exe -B -SE <server>/<port>:service_mgr <fdbpath> <fbkpath> -user
> <user> -pass <pass>
> After making a copy of the backup file, we have been simply overwriting
> the existing one. Ok, so maybe it shouldn't work that way but it has
> been for a long time for all of our customers. And it works. However
> this one customer it suddenly stopped working, nothing to do with
> versions, correctness etc. It is just strange that it will create a new
> backup file, but won't overwrite and it produces no errors. The output
> shows that it worked just fine.

One wild guess:
Some matter of the filesystem???
Can you overwrite other existing files by other means?
Is the hard disk ok?