Subject RE: [firebird-support] Failing to overwrite backup file
Author Raith, Daniel
I use gbak.exe version for all our customers.

The syntax I use is:

gbak.exe -B -SE <server>/<port>:service_mgr <fdbpath> <fbkpath> -user
<user> -pass <pass>

After making a copy of the backup file, we have been simply overwriting
the existing one. Ok, so maybe it shouldn't work that way but it has
been for a long time for all of our customers. And it works. However
this one customer it suddenly stopped working, nothing to do with
versions, correctness etc. It is just strange that it will create a new
backup file, but won't overwrite and it produces no errors. The output
shows that it worked just fine.

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>> Huh?
>> That's completely new to me that I cannot overwrite an
existing backupfile.
>> I've been doing that for years as well as my customers do.
>> What have I missed?
> Nothing, it seems. I just tried to do it with Fb 1.5.3 and it
> overwrite. Hmmm, it's not meant to, and didn't used to.

gbak -B does and did from IB4.2 on.

And I don't hope anyone will have the idea to change that.
Otherwise it will break any backup strategy at customer sites.

You're sure you didn't mix it up with gbak -C?


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