Subject Re: Blob fields
Author fabiano_bonin
Hi, Christian.

When i need to retrieve many records with blobs, i use a workaround to
reduce roudtrips that works very well, but my blobs are text blobs and
i never tried with binary content. This workaround limits the blob
size to the maximum size of a varchar field, but it seems you don't
use large blobs.

Maybe you should give it try:

substring(myblobfield from 1 for 10000) as myvarcharfield


--- In, Christian Kaufmann
<ch.kaufmann@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some performance problems with an application, where I store
> geometries in blob fields. Reading 12'000 records takes very long and
> I'm looking, how to speed it up. The technology we use is:
> - Delphi 6
> - dbExpress, driver from
> - Firebird 1.5, server Win32
> One thing is, that most of the blob fields data has a size of 100-1000
> bytes. So my question is, what exactly does the "SEGMENT SIZE" in the
> declaration of the blob field? Should I change that to another value
> than the default of 80?
> Will Firebird 2.0 be different regarding blob fields and performance?
> cu Christian