Subject Re: [firebird-support] Shrink Firebird (Urgente)
Author Ann W. Harrison
Kurt Schneider wrote:
> I'm incessant search of functionally for shrink firebird database, the same
> idea is implemented in Sql Server, Oracle etc.

Have a look here for an explanation of why the problem is hard:;PAGES;NAME='ibp_expert6'

Essentially, the internal database structure is based on page numbers
and page numbers are offsets within the file. Compressing the file
would change the offsets, requiring rebuilding the internal structure -
indexes, pointer pages, page inventory pages, the RDB$PAGES table, and
record back and fragment pointers. The work involved is comparable to
a backup/restore and would have to be done standalone.

However archaic it may seem, backup/restore is right answer. But
maybe you're asking the wrong question.

Why do you think your database is too big? Remember, a Firebird
database includes the equivalent of undo/redo logs. Is the Firebird
database actually bigger than the equivalent if you include all the
extra space necessary for recovery logs?