Subject Re: [firebird-support] Shrink Firebird (Urgente)
Author Kurt Schneider

Really the problem is hard, and the solution is really complex. But, i thing
and future versions os Firebird this "shrink" solutions is necessary or more
easy for database administradors. See, i'm over 200 database user (clients)
and various brazilian states. All suport occurrs remotly. Time an Time must
database backup and restore, and this operation consume several time for
support and clients.
I'm not justific my geografic client problem, but i see the "shrink" was a
new and easy way to database size reduce.

I'm not understand who configure or set to off for not log file create in
firebird. Other question pertinent is: When my database have 8 MB, i'm
using gbak and see create and file backuped with 1,2 MB. Whel, when i'm
restoring the backup de file have the similar (7,8 Mb) size. What have the
gbak to reduce significant size of database?

I'm sory my bad english, but, the question and dialog is fine.



On 6/30/06, Ann W. Harrison <aharrison@...> wrote:
> Kurt Schneider wrote:
> >
> > I'm incessant search of functionally for shrink firebird database, the
> same
> > idea is implemented in Sql Server, Oracle etc.
> Have a look here for an explanation of why the problem is hard:
> Essentially, the internal database structure is based on page numbers
> and page numbers are offsets within the file. Compressing the file
> would change the offsets, requiring rebuilding the internal structure -
> indexes, pointer pages, page inventory pages, the RDB$PAGES table, and
> record back and fragment pointers. The work involved is comparable to
> a backup/restore and would have to be done standalone.
> However archaic it may seem, backup/restore is right answer. But
> maybe you're asking the wrong question.
> Why do you think your database is too big? Remember, a Firebird
> database includes the equivalent of undo/redo logs. Is the Firebird
> database actually bigger than the equivalent if you include all the
> extra space necessary for recovery logs?
> Regards,
> Ann


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