Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Bogusław Brandys
Scott Moon wrote:
> Russell,
> Read back up the thread - I have tested it on several systems with various
> combinations of Firebird versions and OSs. Our production configuration is
> the only one where the connections are being dropped. Only FB 1.5.2 and up
> on a multiple Xeon box running VMWare ESX and Win2003 Server. I haven't been
> able to test 1.5.0 or 1.5.1 yet - can't find the install kits online. Same
> system running FB v1.0.3 does not fail. There's nothing showing up in the FB
> logs, or the system logs - but connections to the FB databases (any DB on
> the server) that remain idle for over 60 minutes is forcibly disconnected.
> Scott

That could not be so easy. Firebird 1.5 is based on C++ code, 1.0.3 is
based on C.
Maybe it's related to that difference ? Just guessing....