Subject Re: From IB 7.5 to FB 1.5.3
Author Adam
--- In, Johannes Pretorius
<johannes@...> wrote:
> Good day all
> -=0=--0=0-==-0\
> I am busy trying to see what effort is needed to move a Ib 7.5
database over to FB
> But I am running into very funny problems. If I backup from Ib 7.5
and try and restore in FB then I get on a SP
> an error
> gbak: ERROR: arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> I then just for fun tried to remotely backup from the FB Server
with the Fb's gbak program the database on the IB machine , this ran
well but
> gave the same error on a different SP. In the checked the SP. The
params passed to the SP and used inside the SP are all correct non
are bigger or smaller
> than what they should be. Thus the error confuses me.
> Is there any guidelines regarding this. Also how can I lookup or
validate the Ib database that it will be able to go to FB ? Is there
tools ?
> Thanks in Advance
> Johannes Pretorius

Hello Johannes,

It was not clear from your post which version of gbak you used to do
what, but the following technique can be used to bring a Firebird 2
database back to 1.5 (providing no specific new functionality is
used), so it may be worth a try.

Use the FIREBIRD gbak tool to connect to the IB7.5 server and make a
backup. Then use the FIREBIRD gbak tool to restore this file. I can't
make any promises because I have never done it, but there is no harm
in trying.

Failing that, as Lester suggested a datapumping tool should be able
to manage it. You probably don't need to go all the way back to the
sql script level, although that will help if you have used some new
feature of IB 7.5 not implemented in Firebird 1.5.