Subject Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Glebas

> Conclusion to this point: Something in the combination of FB
> v1.5.3 + Xeon + Win2003 + VMWare is causing this. Since Xeon,
> Win2003 and VMWare were all present during the successful 1.0.3
> test, that points to something in v1.5.2 forward.

From my experience: -VMWare - Xeon

v1.5.3 + Win2003 is just enough to make this happen.

I have completely solved this problem by making client application
quit on 30 min user inactivity.

Of course, this is a work-around, not a real solution, though.
Did you try Win2000 instead of Win2003?

Thank you for your research efforts.