Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Change install directory on HP-UX 11.11
Author Paul Beach
Looking at isql (by running chatr) on it there are no dependencies that I can
see other than /usr/lib or /usr/local/firebird/lib...

However if you can't link symbolically from /usr/lib to the location of
the Firebird libraries you will have a problem, since library path searching
is restricted to the above two via

For default mode libraries, the dynamic loader uses dynamic path searching to
find shared libraries whose names appear in a library list of the program or
loaded shared libraries with no embedded / character. Dynamic path searching
is enabled by default for these libraries or executables. If ld +noenvvar is
specified, the dynamic loader does not look at any dynamic path environment
variables to find dependent shared libraries. This limits the dynamic path
searching to the value of rpath (run time path or embedded path set by the
ld +b command) and the default directory /usr/lib/hpux64 for 64-bit libraries
or the default directory /usr/lib/hpux32 for 32-bit libraries.

An ldd -s isql also shows that the search path is /usr/lib/ for the relevant
libraries so moving Firebird to another directory and re-linking the links
from /usr/lib/ to the Firebird libs in the Firebird lib directory should work.