Subject Replication/Synchronization in firebird database
Author asha_a_v
> I am having a question regarding firebird interbase.

> I want to replicate databases which are in remote places through
> and sysnchronize them accordingly.

How do we achieve replication of databases and synchronize them in
firebird.I know we can use IBReplicator, but it will cost for me, I
want to do it my own using existing facilities of firebird.

> My senario is:

> I am having databases at remote locations, i am having a java
> application in my system which uses firebird DB.

> I want a subset of remote database copies to my application DB and
> operate on it, i need 2 way synchronization also.

> What is the easy way to do it?is it triggers or stored procedures?
> can you give me some examples and detail how to do that in