Subject Re: Get the number of opened connection
Author m_b_ribeiro
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> > Hi, is there a way to retrieve the number of opened connection in
> > firebird ? Not for just one client, if is there a client or an API
> > call to inform that I will be glad.
> The problem with an API call in the case of classic is which instance
> of the engine should respond? If you use classic, you could I suppose
> count the number if fb_inet_server instances (subtract 1 on windows).
> There may well be a way to do it through an API call in Superserver.
> Of course, backups etc make database connections, and the counts will
> include connections to databases that may be of no interest to you, so
> such a function maintained by the engine would have very limited
> benefit (It could help with tracing load on a server, but not much
> Adam
Sorry but I am using superserver. In this case there is no such way to
discover the number of opened connections, is there ?