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> Hi Adam,
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> > And of course, I should always check fbtalk before posting ;)
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> Nice find! I didn't yet know about, it indeed has great tips
> for many things. It would be most useful to include some easy-to-find
> link on firebird's main page to, maybe instead (or below) of
> the pretty outdated FAQ there.
> thanks,
> Michael

Hi Michael & Boguslaw,

I don't think there is any reason that these tips aren't better
organised other than the fact that the doco team has things higher on
its priorities and a real shortage of people to do it.

If you have some time, some abilities in the area and the desire to
give them a hand, navigate your way to firebird-docs and volunteer
yourself. I think if you step back and look what they have done
(particularly in the past 6 months), you would be impressed.