Subject Re: [firebird-support] What happened to the Dev list?
Author Thomas Miller
Leyne, Sean wrote:
> Thomas,
> > I have tried to post twice today and went to sourceforge and it is
> > gone? What's up.
> SourceForge has been experiencing a number of "growing pains" over the
> last little while...
> One manifestation of this is that it sometimes takes 20+ hours for
> postings to reach the list.
> The list is still very much alive and well, the same can't be said for
> the SF infrastructure.

> Sean


Yep. There updates to the server and software could be going smoother. But the list is completely missing off the project site, which is very strange. Admin is there but not Dev. If the messages (As I posted twice now) don't show up by tomorrow morning, I will post them here and hope for the best.

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