Subject RE: [firebird-support] Using solid state disk
Author Leyne, Sean

> Anybody has input for using solid state disk as db media.
> I want to use Gigabyte i-RAM for a db about 2GB. How much faster can I
> expect ?

Interestingly, I have research this exact product for use on our
development PC's.

I would not recommend the Gigabyte card for db storage since the memory
is volatile and only has a 6 hour lifespan if the power to the PC is

It was our intention to investigate its use for operations like
compiling our application, not for permanent storage.

As for the speed of the media -- there are reviews which can provide
some comparison numbers, but it can be beneficial for some disk

As other have commented; a good SATA RAID card with a reasonable amount
of cache memory will perform just as good, without the fear of loosing
the entire db if the power should fail.