Subject Re: Using solid state disk
Author Adam
--- In, "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@...> wrote:
> > Anybody has input for using solid state disk as db media.
> > I want to use Gigabyte i-RAM for a db about 2GB. How much faster can I
> expect ?
> Depends on a few factors.
> As long as your memdisks aren't flash memory based(ie, they use real
> SDRAM/DDR/DDR2), they'll be about as fast as a decent hardware RAID
across 4
> or more spindles...
> Why? It's no longer the memory or drives slowing you down - it's the
bus you
> plug the controller into.
> So don't expect an enourmous speed increase if you already have a
> array controller...
> N.

I would expect that the throughput will be limited to the interface,
but the access time should be faster. You probably want to avoid flash
based devices due to their limited write cycles, but the iRAM from
memory is just a SATA interface to standard DDR(2?) RAM chips with a
battery backup to keep the storage active when power is lost. You
probably don't need high performance RAM as the SATA throughput is
much lower than it would have to be to make any difference.

I for one would be very interested if real (ie measurable) increases
in performance can be achieved, because our customers databases can
fit on an affordable amount of RAM.

It must be noted that this device is not truly persistent storage,
backup often to a REAL storage device eg disk.