Subject Re: [firebird-support] 3050 tcp unable to connect remotely
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:15 PM 5/06/2006, you wrote:
>IBExpert has communication tools / diagnostics that can detect the
>availabilty of gds_db & 3050 port access to a server without having
>to register and connect to a database. So from what I can determine
>the port is not communicating.

Can't comment, I don't use IBExpert.

>I have both gsd32.dll & fbclient.dll installed on my w2k client as I
>am also having to connect to a SuperServer installation on another
>remote computer.
>I do understand the difference between connecting to the linux o/s
>and connecting to the security.fdb database where the users live. I
>do have this working and am able to query with GSEC> display
>Key services that are displayed in RED are /opt/firebird/bin
>-r-sr-s--- 1 firebird firebird 3128 Jan 24 00:08 fb_inet_server
>-r-sr-s--- 1 firebird firebird 174708 Jan 24 00:08 fb_lock_mgr
>-r-sr-s--- 1 firebird firebird 111664 Jan 24 00:08 gds_drop
>I am able query services using ps -aux |grep fb
>root 2926 0.0 0.0 3388 1092 ? S 12:51 0:00
>Something that may be important to consider;
>This computer previously had an installation of FB1.02 SuperServer
>which I have removed using rpm -e "packagename". I have changed the
>pathing from /opt/interbase/bin to /opt/firebird/bin.

These two things are therefore probably related, as I've been
informed that rpm -e doesn't work with ANY of the Firebird rpms. It
will remove the packagename from the rpm database but it won't
actually uninstall anything. Those red things are probably old Fb
1.0.2 artifacts, I guess.

For a reality check, look for /usr/local/firebird and see if there is
anything there. AFAIR, that is where Fb 1.0.x installed, not
/opt/interbase. At the least I guess you have a rather broken setup.

>Would you recommend that I reload the linux fedora core4 o/s again
>before attempting to install FB Classic Server?

No, that shouldn't be necessary. But it will be necessary to
uninstall all Firebird stuff and start again with a clean
machine. You should find scripts in both distributions.