Subject 3050 tcp unable to connect remotely
Author Jules

I'm having trouble connecting to my FRCS installation remotely. I'm sure its something simple and I have tried to solve but no luck so far... are you able to guide me? I have provided some information about the install. I'm trying to run on the default port (3050) using the standard installation.

My error;

Unable to complete remote communications request from Firebird Classic server. I am using Inexpert communication tools to test for port connectivity rather than DB connection.

Failed to connect to host '',
on port gds_db. Error Num: 10035.

The background;

I have installed FBCS1.5.3.4870-0 with the appropriate standard libraries on my posix (Fedora Core4) server as root. I am able to connect to databases using ./isql and select on databases tables. It appears that the FB services are running and the databases are open for business.

I have added root user to the firebird group.

I have used the FB installation guides to confirm the install and verify the /etc/xinet.d/firebird file.

I can see that the /etc/services file contains gds_db 3050/tcp # Firebird SQL Database Remote Protocol

I have not modified the /opt/firebird/firebird.conf from its original configuration.

There is no firewall active on the server.

I have noticed that the /opt/firebird/bin displays some of the key services in RED. See print screen image. (not sure if this is important or not).

Regards Julie

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