Subject Record duplication
Author Robin Davis

I know this is a feeble question but I have to ask it.

I'm moving my office over to Firebird from Ms Access. I'm still having
to use Access as a front end cos "that's what we're used to". All is
going well on the trials apart from one DEEPLY irritating problem. They
are "used to" being able to select, copy and paste records where the
company and company address details are the same but the contact name
changes. There's a PK on each record number, so whereas Access
automatically allocates a new record number, in Firebird they are having
to manually change the duplicate record number to the next available in
the PK index, otherwise they get index violation messages. Can anybody
advise how I could automate the changing of the record number? Is there
a tweak to the PK trigger I could use, or something else that doesn't
require techo-dependant but techno-dork-like users to DO anything?

Rob Davis