Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Re: Problem with special german characters
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> Yes, but ISO8859_1 doesn't have the Euro sign. If your application is
> the only application that uses the database, that will be no problem,
> because the Euro sign will get stored as character #128 (which doesn't
> have any meaning in ISO 8859-1), but it will also be read as #128 and
> if you display that in Windows, it will become the Euro sign again.
I also use ISO8859_1 as charset in firebird. If you send it to the
browser and pretend that it is ISO8859_15 (set that in the header), the
Euro works fine. If you send it to the browser and pretend it is WIN1252
it also works fine. So in practice it hardly makes problems.
> When your database is/will be also accessed from a web interface or a
> Linux/Max application, you will get trouble. In this case you should
> take a deep look at Unicode ...
UTF-8 (Unicode) would be the solution, like I said, but Firebird up to
1.5.x lacks proper support so it isn't really an option.

kind regards,