Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 database size increasing
Author Ann W. Harrison
> Here's my question - While the data pages will be recylced, do the
> TIP pages ever get recycled, short of a backup/restore? And, is
> there any easy way to see how many database pages are being used to
> track old transactions?

Tip pages are not currently reused, and there's an absolute
limit of 4G of transactions before the world turns very very bad.
Your application is a long way from having problems with the
absolute transaction number - you've used 443.919 out of a
total 4.284.976.269

Tip pages are listed in the RDB$PAGES table as page of type 4, so
this tells you how many exist.

select count (*) from rdb$pages where rdb$page_type = 4

Have you tried gstat to get a census of page usage? The
-r option shows back versions.