Subject Re: Wha??????
Author jrodenhi
It probably really does seem to you that you stumbled into a cult. I
spend a fair amount of time reading in newsgroups for help. In my
experience, this is one of the most helpful newsgroups around. Here's
the deal. You are probably looking for something along the lines of
Microsoft Access. It will let you design a "database" and enter and
retrieve data pretty much interactively. It has fair reporting
capabilities and might be perfect for your needs. It will probably
set you back a couple hundred bucks. Another option, if you like free
software and helpful communities like this one would be to try out the
database that is included with OpenOffice. I have looked at it, but
not used it. My impression is that it does everything Access does,
but has the great OpenOffice community supporting it and it won't cost
you a dime. You can find it at It might be just what
you are looking for.

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> I really don't know what to say. Maybe I'm in the wrong place?