Subject Re: Wha??????
Author Adam
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<victorag@...> wrote:
> I really don't know what to say. Maybe I'm in the wrong place? I'll
> try not to be offensive, but it will be difficult.
> I have data. I need a place to store my data and I need some way to
> query that data. That's IT. When I downloaded Firebird I was
> expecting to find something I could use for the above purpose.
> Instead, it seems as though I've joined some sort of cult?

You seem very angry for someone who simply hasn't done their homework,
heard the term database and assumed that was all you need.

> Sorry, I'm
> not interested in rituals, just being able to work with a computer
> program in the usual way.

Whatever that means. The installation of Firebird is easier than any
other engine I have ever used.

> I have no server. Just a computer. I have data. A fair amount. I
> activate the software I've downloaded. And I get a prompt looking very
> much like a DOS prompt. And I have no idea what I'm supposed to enter
> there -- or why in the year 2006 I am seeing such a prompt.
> I'm sure Firebird is not what I need. So can anyone here recommend
> what I DO need? I THOUGHT it was database software. Sorry, I must
> have been wrong.

Victor, do not waste the precious RAM and CPU cycles of my computer
showing eye candy. Every splash screen you bring up is time my
computer could have spent storing or retrieving my data faster.

GUI tools can be helpful, but YOU must understand that these tools are
not databases. Perhaps you have been the victim of a marketing ploy by
particular database vendors that ship administration tools alongside
their products and perhaps blur the line for you to what constitutes a

You can define your structure, store your data, organise your data and
retrieve your data using SQL, just like any other database.

The database files are managed through the engine which is running
either as an application or as a service or within your application
inside a dll.

You access the database engine through the API, and there are
components that can be used to connect to it from lots of different
languages. JDBC, ODBC, .NET, C++, PHP and Delphi libraries mean that
you will be hard pressed to find a development environment from which
you can not use Firebird.

Firebird ships with a small set of administration tools, such as iSQL
for running scripts, gbak for backing up and restore, and gfix for
other maintenance tasks.

Clearly you haven't bothered reading the Quick Start Guide, you
haven't bothered posting a simple 'Hi I am new to databases, where do
I start' post where you would have been directed to it. If you had
have posted that you were after a visual tool to browse and administer
your database, you would have been directed to the link containing all
the options.

I wish you luck with your obscure requirement to store and retrieve
data (if only any of us here had ever had to do such an unusual task),
but until you show some initiative, explain what you are after and ask
your question with a smidgen less arrogance or maybe actually decide
to buy paid support from someone, there are plenty of others in this
list to keep us occupied.