Subject Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Adam
--- In, "Scott Moon" <smoon63@...>
> Adam,
> Thanks for the reply. First things first, the programs we are using
> have been in use (with a number of upgrades and the usual
> maintenance) for several years, and the problems we are seeing now
> arose only after we upgraded to FB 1.5.3 from 1.0.3 and moved from
> outdated Win2000 server to a much upgraded Win2003 server. We do
> in the (hopefully near) future to move away from the BDE because of
> its numerous problems.
> Secondly, the problem is only occurring to individual users - the
> Firebird service is running just fine. The applications also run as
> expected, unless the user leaves the app open and connected for an
> hour. I also had this happen to me today when I had Database
> Workbench connected with an active SQL Query window open. When I
> closed DBW I got the "connection was forcibly closed" error, which
> exactly what is happening to the clients. If you reopen the app, it
> connects and operates just fine.
> Thanks,
> Scott

But have you checked the firebird.log?

You will not notice a restarted service unless you are connected at
the time it restarts. It only takes a second to restart.