Subject Currently Deployed Configuration Settings
Author Scott Moon
This should be a simple question, but I've searched through almost
76,000 posts for "configuration settings" and haven't found the answer.

Is there a way, other than looking in firebird.conf, to determine what
configuration settings a Firebird 1.5.3 server is currently operating
with? We've upgraded from Fb v1.0.3 and Win 2K Server to Fb v1.5.3 and
Win 2003 Virtual Server and have encountered a problem with connections
timing out that has never happened before our upgrade.

We are looking at the DummyPacketInterval setting as a possible (though
not likely) suspect, but can't pin down what value is active. All
documentation says that the default for that setting in FB 1.5.x is 0,
but FbConfigManager shows that the default is 60. The setting in
firebird.conf is still commented out, so the default value should be in
effect - we just can't figure out how to put our hands on it.