Subject RE: [firebird-support] Currently Deployed Configuration Settings
Author Alan McDonald
> This should be a simple question, but I've searched through almost
> 76,000 posts for "configuration settings" and haven't found the answer.
> Is there a way, other than looking in firebird.conf, to determine what
> configuration settings a Firebird 1.5.3 server is currently operating
> with? We've upgraded from Fb v1.0.3 and Win 2K Server to Fb v1.5.3 and
> Win 2003 Virtual Server

save me searching - what's Win2003 Virtual Server when it's at home?

and have encountered a problem with connections
> timing out that has never happened before our upgrade.
> We are looking at the DummyPacketInterval setting as a possible (though
> not likely) suspect, but can't pin down what value is active. All
> documentation says that the default for that setting in FB 1.5.x is 0,
> but FbConfigManager shows that the default is 60. The setting in
> firebird.conf is still commented out, so the default value should be in
> effect - we just can't figure out how to put our hands on it.
> Thanks,
> Scott