Subject Firebird 1.5.3 and 2.0RC2 on the same linux box
Author Flavio Costa
My current database is 1.5.3 and I want to do some tests on 2.0. But I need to maintain
both versions up same time on same machine.

Firebird 1.5.3 is installed by default on /opt. I made transportable backup of my
database to restore later on 2.0.

I sucessfully installed 2.0RC2 on /usr/local using tarball, changed what was necessary in
firebird.conf and bringed online fbserver on tcp port 3051.

I sucessfully attached to original database on both tcp ports (3050 and 3051) by remote
host. IBExpert confirmed each server version. But to use new features I have to restore
backup in new ODS.

When I restore the backup to 2.0, I get the following message:

gbak: cannot commit index FK_PERFIL_USUARIO
gbak: ERROR: unsuccessful metadata update
gbak: ERROR: partner index segment no 1 has incompatible data type

Is there any issues doing this (using different versions of firebird on same machine)?
What are the necessary steps?

Obs: english is not my native tongue.

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